hassle-free crocheted and felted houseplants, no sunlight or water required! perfect for those with pets 🪴

Soon after the loss of my friend, I picked up my knitting needles after around ten years to soothe my anxiety, unfortunately it had the opposite effect! My Mum and Aunt taught me somewhat how to crochet instead and I then went to YouTube for further guidance, that was in 2017 years ago and I haven't looked back.

I began with woolyBox, a crochet subscription service, but after trying to get it up and running, I lost interest as it became more stressful than enjoyable. I started making crocheted cacti in Summer 2019 which launched Wee Wooly Cactus Co, which in 2020 I streamlined to merge with my travel interests - CamperPlants. I've always loved real succulents but I'm not the best plant Mother, so crocheted plants make life easier.

Camperplants: From the Dutch word ‘camperplaats‘, which means ‘camping place‘, where the idea originated.

I hope you love them as much as I love making them!

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